The Devil

when I turned 22

I met the devil

not on my birthday

but two months after


I was on 2nd Avenue

watching the traffic

when he offered me

a skinny pink cigarette


"No, thanks" I said

and walked away


but the devil grabbed my arm

and said "I took a really long flight

from the depths of hell

just to see you"


so I let him follow me



the devil was

sociable and polite

even handsome at times


He had a missing tooth

but you could only see it

when he smiled


I went all over town with the devil

I showed him all of my favorite things

He made me forget

the value of time and money

so I forgot it


He convinced me

I was special because of our relationship

"You're so smart" he said


I laughed in his face

but the devil convinced me


so I invited him on vacation

and the devil said "Of course I'd love to meet your family"


but the next morning

when I wake up

my room is upside-down

and the devil is not next to me


He had chased me everywhere

with sweet, intoxicating lies

so he could run off

chewing on my heart like gum


I was a planned business trip

a favorable body to consume

after tasting every earthly delight


And this is what the devil does


Now I know why

He is so evil


he is too good to be true