I Just Wrote A Sentence Backwards For You

my fondness lives

right there, in between

and I wouldn't know now

what it is

why you were saying if

when I have eyes

to look at


and one might even see

a likeness

from the photograph

we were almost in the same shirt

and even the same pant

well what do you talk about

we talk about everything

minor discrepancies

a shade of green called kelly


her name was kaki a girl that I knew

from middle school


your repeating word is


preceded by an, on, going, we, are, when

to ask is to shoot and stab

so imagine

for you

I buy shrinking juice

and then strong glue

to take a ride on my shoulder

who knows where we go when we are going

the sun burns through water

and the rain comes down dry

the leaves stand still in the air

because they smell vanilla on the vines

a cool sip for me now

we hide inside a tall yellow can







so I remember how


beside me sits

a pad of invisible ink

my finger dips

and then points

stretching just so

to reach the ridges of your forehead

where my fondness lives